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Water Requirement Calculator


Water requirement calculator determines the daily amount of water required by the body of a person.


Water Requirement Calculator
Enter age in months: months
Enter weight in kg: kg


The approximate daily water requirement calculations are based on the following estimations:

Based on age:

Neonates: 120 mL/kg/day (from 120 to 180 mL/kg/day)

1 to 12 months: 150 mL/kg/day (maximum 200 mL)

Based on weight:

< 10 kg: 100 mL/kg/day

10 to 20 kg: 1000 mL + (50 mL/kg/day for weight over 10 kg)

> 20 kg: 1500 mL + (20 mL/kg/day for weight over 20 kg)



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