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Osmol Gap Calculator


Osmol gap calculator calculates the difference between measured serum osmolality and calculated serum osmolarity.

Osmol gaps are used as a screening tool to identify toxins. Causes of an elevated osmol gap are numerous. Generally there are 4 main causes for an increased osmolar gap: by alcohols, sugars, lipids, or proteins.


Osmol Gap Calculator
Enter serum sodium Na+ (136-145 mEq/L): mmol/L (mEq/L)
Enter serum glucose ((70-99 mg/dL): mg/dL
Enter serum BUN (7-18 mg/dL): mg/dL
Enter measured osmolality (275-295 mosm/L): mosm/L


Based on the formula:

Calculated osmolarity = [2 x Na+] + glucose/18 + BUN/2.8


Calculated osmolarity = mOsm/L

Na+ = mmol/L

glucose = mg/dL

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) = mg/dL

Osmol gap = Measured osmolality - Calculated osmolarity

0 to +10: Normal osmol gap

>10: Abnormal

<0: Probable lab or calculation error

Drugs Causing Osmolar Gap:


Ethylene glycol


Isopropanol (acetone)






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